new papers from the lab

18 May 2020
new papers from the lab
Cover art by Oliver Hoeller at

Two back to back papers in collaboration with Thierry Doan in Marseille and Chris Tang in Oxford, showing that bacterial rhomboid proteases are key for membrane protein quality control in bacteria, both as proteases and pseudoproteases, which is reminiscent of ERAD and Derlins in eukaryotes.

Began J, Cordier B, Brezinova J, Delisle J, Hexnerova R, Srb P, Rampirova P, Kozisek M, Baudet M, Coute Y et al (2020) Rhomboid intramembrane protease YqgP licenses bacterial membrane protein quality control as adaptor of FtsH AAA protease. EMBO J 39: e102935

Liu G, Beaton SE, Grieve AG, Evans R, Rogers M, Strisovsky K, Armstrong FA, Freeman M, Exley RM, Tang CM (2020) Bacterial rhomboid proteases mediate quality control of orphan membrane proteins. EMBO J 39: e102922

And an interesting News and Views piece summarising both papers and giving a broad persective written by Knopf and Lemberg:

Knopf JD, Lemberg MK (2020) Derlins with scissors: primordial ERAD in bacteria. EMBO J 39: e105012

It was a great pleasure to work with all the collaborators including Oliver Hoeller for the cover art!

Particular congratulations to all first authors!

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