New paper from the group

20 December 2022

Our work on ketoamide inhibitors of the human mitochondrial rhomboid protease PARL has just come out in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Congratulations to Edita, Kathrin, Stancho, Anežka! An enjoyable collaboration with the Lemberg lab at the University of Cologne and Thomas Langer lab at the MPI for Ageing in Cologne, Germany.

We show that potent inhibitors of human PARL activate the PINK1/Parkin pathway in cells, which is associated with the activation of mitophagy. 

Watch this space!

We win a new grant!

2 December 2022

Lenka and Šimon win postdoctoral fellowships!

20 October 2022

Denise joins the group

1 October 2022

Lucie leaves the group

30 September 2022

Lenka joins the group

1 June 2022

Šimon joins the group

1 June 2022

Zuzana joins the group

1 April 2022

A temporary farewell

31 December 2021

Alma, Hanka and Šárka are taking a bio-break from the group to devote their time to an enriching activity that each of us have participated in in some form at least once. We took the liberty to wish you well. It was great working with you and we are looking forward to continue and have you back at some point! You are very welcome to pop in for a coffee or a chat any time before that!

Anežka leaves the group.

31 December 2021
Anežka leaves the group.

Anežka Tichá leaves the group after seven great years as a PhD student and postdoc. Anežka was absolutely key for the development of the ketoamide inhibitors of rhomboid proteases. We all greatly enjoyed having her as a colleague and friend. You will be sorely missed in the lab. Others will enjoy your presence, at Janssen. :)

Keep in touch and best of luck!